Providing hyper real prosthetic human corpses, body parts, organs, creatures, action dummies, aliens and applied prosthetic make up.

Corpsehire aims to provide the most accurate and realistic corpses, body parts and other flesh for use in film, television, forensic training and art.

Corpsehire can create bespoke prosthetic versions of any flesh, both real and imagined, Human Alien and everything in-between.

We also have an ever expanding selection of ready made Prosthetic Bodies, Action Dummies, Organs, Body Parts, Heads, Limbs, Animals etc, for hire or purchase.

Founder Paul McGuinness has been an SFX Designer for over thirty five years, originally working in the BBC Special Effects Department. 

Since the turn of the century he has run SFX, VFX and Prosthetic effects companies providing the full gamut of effects to the film and television industries and beyond.