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Severed heads

 We have a selection of severed heads all with realistically detailed severed stump end, they are all capable of being mounted on poles.

 Most of the heads come bald to allow productions to configure them to match their needs, However we have a coupe of heads which have been hair punched see below.

 They can be made up with IPA or Grease based make up to your own requirements.

However they must not be made up / painted with Pax Paint as this will damage the dummy and incur a re make cost.

1 Black Female in her 20's
3 White Female in Mid 40's
4 White Male late 20's
6 White Male mid 60's
2 Black Female in her mid 20's
7 White Male mid 30's
8 White Male Early 20's
9 White Male mid 30's
10 White Male Bloated 50's
11 White Male mid 40's
12 White Male late 20's
5 White Male late 60's
13 White Male late 40's
14 White Male late 30's
15 White Male late 30's